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RW Carbon Project - Mercedes C190 GTC AMG

RW Carbon is proud to present our second Mercedes build we have ever done with this spectacular looking 2019 Mercedes C190 GTC AMG in Solar Beam Yellow. This ride is definitely one of our favorites with its twin turbo charged 4.0L V8 that rockets this machine from 0-60 in about 3.4 seconds. We spec'd this car to the max with everything from a $10,000 paint upgrade in Solar Beam Yellow, to the factory carbon fiber kit and Burmester sound system. We are excited for this pony to join our stable and are all very excited to see its transformation.

Over the next few months, RW Carbon will be 3D scanning this vehicle from all corners ranging from the front end, to the side skirts, and the rear end to come out with a full RW Signature kit for this vehicle. In the meantime, RW Carbon visited the streets of LA to get some seriously awesome shots of our GTC. Our Benz stood out from the skyline extremely well due to the bright yellow paint and the black accents. LA is notorious for the amount of exotic cars that roam the streets day in and day out. Our GTC fit right in with these vehicles but it won’t for long with our RWS kit coming in the next few months.

Update: 10/1/2020
Today we updated our GTC’s wheels to add a more aggressive look on the road. These new wheels add the aggressive and custom touch we are looking for. We decided to go with Klassen 1 piece forged wheels with a 19" in the front and 20" in the rear. At this time are in full swing with the development of our RWS carbon fiber aero kit. So for now please enjoy these photos!

Update: 12/1/2020
Its wing time! That's right, RW Carbon has developed a GT-R styled wing for the C190 in full carbon fiber. This wing is similar to the wing from the C190 GT-R, but a bit larger and of course in carbon fiber. Making this part a real statement piece that you must have. And you better believe that this wing not only looks incredible but it also performs. This wing will give your GT real down force and will improve your handling at high speeds. 

UPDATE: 4/1/2021
Today marks the day we finally start to add some RWS carbon fiber parts to our GTC. So far we installed our RWS Carbon Fiber Front Lip, alongside the RWS Carbon Fiber Side Skirt Extensions. These additions give our GTC a lower and more aggressive stance, while not affecting the drivability of your GTC. At RWS we love to make parts that look great, but can also be daily driven. In addition to the RWS parts we have also added a set of our Carbon Fiber Mirror Caps. We look forward to completing the kit with our rear diffuser and possibly a full carbon fiber hood.

Update: 5/20/2021
Arguably the most anticipated piece for this vehicle, RW Signatures is proud to present our RWS Carbon Fiber Rear Diffuser for the Mercedes GTC. This diffuser is unlike anything on the market offering a sleek and sporty design. We took the already beautifully designed AMG carbon fiber diffuser and enhanced its features to give you a more race inspired touch that you can easily drive every day. This design features a much more aggressive lip underneath the exhausts that connects at the center of the diffuser. The design also features 3 fins at the bottom of the diffuser giving the car the race ready look fit for the vehicle.

Stay tuned for more updates on this build...