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Drives: 2021 BMW F90 M5 LCI
March 14th, 2023

"Finally got to install all of my RW Carbon Pieces. EXTREMELY HAPPY with the quality and fit of these and I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for high quality exterior carbon parts without the Mperformance premium I really see no difference at all and from here on out they will be who I order from for any cars they provide parts for.Installed is the front lip, rear diffuser, CS style spoiler, and side skirts which I was iffy on spending money for but in person they really complete the look of the car and give it a wider stance while putting it all together.Super happy with these and I can’t emphasize enough how happy I am with RW Carbon and their customer service from start to finish..."

 - jm490 @ M5Post


Drives: 2018 BMW F22 M240i
March 9th, 2023

"Absolutely in LOVE with the quality of the product I have received. I tried bimmer plug before and was shipped two broken lips in total and it was a pain in the ass to deal with. Not going to lie i was going into this expecting to be disappointed but i am so glad i just decided to try again. This is absolutely gorgeous and i will be returning for more! Thank you!"

 - Donald


Drives: 2021 BMW F90 M5 LCI
November 24th, 2022

"Well, I bashed Modecarbon (and damn rightly so, they suck!), so to give props where due, I highly recommend RW! Ordered front lip and side skirts recently. Great prices, really fast shipping, and 1st quality product! Couldn’t be happier! Hopefully your experience will be likewise."

 - NCRob @ M5Post

Drives: 2021 BMW F90 M5 LCI
November 25th, 2022

"Installed myself. Fit and finish is similar to the OEM/MP stuff I've seen in person. Their packaging was fantastic also. Will surely order again from them."

 - EM5C @ M5Post

Drives: 2012 BMW E92 M3
October 12th, 2022

"Hello E9x M3'ers. I wanted to put together a comprehensive installation guide for the RW Carbon or similar Varis style full diffuser and under tray. To my knowledge and search, no one has personally documented their Varis or Varis style diffuser installs. Matt at RW Carbon asked that I help the community with a comprehensive DIY to install RW and other Varis style diffuser/under tray since the work is very intimidating for those who haven't done this type of install. Matt also asked that I push the speed threshold of this setup on the track in excess of 130mph, see if I can find any flaws with it at speeds."

 - Signature Wheel BMW @ M3post


Drives: 2016 BMW F87 M2
October 14th, 2018

"I went with RW Carbon out of SoCal.  They make affordable, nice looking, practical parts that accomplish what I was looking for.  I was pleased with the carbon fiber weave pattern and the fit of the parts to the M2 body."

 - Silicon Valley Motor Club


Drives: 2017 Mercedes W205 C63s
September 27th, 2017

"I have both RW and Mode Carbon on my car and I'm very happy with the quality and fitment of both. Personally, I don't think you can go wrong with either. This is the RW Carbon front lip I just added."



Drives: 2013 BMW F10 M5
July 11th, 2016

"I've tried several products and thus far RW Carbon has had the best quality and finish out of them all. I have their front lip and spoiler."



Drives: 2018 BMW F80 M3
November 6th, 2018

"Installed a bunch of RW carbon parts on my 2018 F80 including CS Front Lip, Side Skirts, 3-D Rear Diffuser, and Front Splitters. Carbon quality is top notch, not a single defect. Fitment was perfect on everything. I'm really impressed considering this was half the price of most other vendors. I can't recommend RW Carbon enough."



Drives: 2017 BMW F80 M3
May 15th, 2020

"I nearly pulled the trigger on the OEM piece from iND until I started reading more and more about how people were scraping/breaking/tearing off their front lips. I realize most of these folks were lowered (I am not and will not be), but given this risk I started to look at RW Carbon. I found a few members who had installed their replica version with success and it looked 100% the same to me for about 1/3 the price, thus lowering the risk. I went with the RW Carbon piece and found a local custom body shop to add the Yas Marina Blue CRT-themed stripe to complete the look I wanted. It turned out just how I wanted."



Drives: 2019 BMW F90 M5
Julyl 15th, 2019

"Im happy with my parts and they are local which is a plus so they did the install"



Drives: 2015 M4 DCT Silverstone
January 28th, 2018

"Ever since I saw M4 CS pictures, I fell in love with its lip. So decided to go with RW Carbon since they just came out with this specific design. Fitment was spot on, though there's a few holes that don't match the base M4 bumper and so they don't get screwed in at all. The rest of the holes drill straight into the bottom of the bumper. Just need to remove or trim some of the hanging splash guards in the front, and drill with self tapping screws. I LOOOOOVVVVVEEE the look!! Build quality and carbon weave is absolutely exceptional; it has solid weight and feel to it. Not a hint of being flimsy. Only took half an hour."



Drives: 2017 BMW F82 M4
May 26th, 2017

"No issue with my RW 3D Carbon Front lip. Fit and finish were spot on and installation was easy. I'm eyeing other parts from them for the future mods."



Drives: 2017 BMW F82 M4 ZCP
May 27th, 2017

"Have purchased both a diffuser and spoiler from them. Both had perfect fitment and weave."



Drives: 2014 BMW F30 335i
April 6th, 2015

"I recently discovered RW Carbon in Anaheim CA and hit them up for some new pieces for my F30. After talking to Eric, I ended up picking up their varis style carbon front lip and carbon rear diffuser. They also make the side skirts to match. I'll be getting those in the near future. The fitment is 100% spot on and the install for both pieces took less than 30 minutes if you have access to a lift. The quality is ridiculous and I couldn't be happier."



Drives: 2011 BMW E90 M3
November 23rd, 2017

"I wanted to share my positive experience with RW Carbon. RW is one of the only vendors that I could find here in the US that offered front lips and diffusers in matching 1x1 weave for my E92 M3. I looked around online, compared pricing with other vendors and ultimately I reached out to Eric, who I previously worked with. He was extremely responsive and answered the questions that I had. It was a no brainer for me to work with RW again. After a few emails back and forth, I decided that I wanted to go with the GTS front lip and Arkym style rear diffuser."



Drives: 2015 BMW F22 M235i
January 19th, 2015

"I sourced the f22 mirror covers from RW Carbon. I wanted a less expensive version than OEM but I didn't want to order something from eBay overseas. They answered all my questions and shipped really fast. I couldn't be happier with the product. The weave and color of the carbon fiber is an exact match and the install was fast and painless. I just grabbed the mirror cap with my fingers and pulled straight off in a swift tug. Installation is easy and you can see the three main clips and multiple guides that hold it in place."



Drives: 2015 BMW F10 M5
March 18th, 2016

"Last night, my RW Carbon Fiber Center Diffuser for the BMW F10 M5 came in. The 2x2 weave looks amazing, super light, and it's made of 100% carbon fiber. I pulled the whole OEM diffuser out to get to the center diffuser. The whole thing is held by 3 T27 bolts and 4 pop buttons. To pull the whole diffuser out, I pulled from the outside first. It was super easy to come out. I swapped out the diffuser and everything snapped in perfected. Fitment is top notch. On the difficulty scale of 1-10, this was a 3."



Drives: 2014 Mercedes SLS AMG Roadster
November 22nd, 2015

"New carbon fiber Front Lip & Rear Diffuser on my SLS by RW Carbon! First off, I must disclose I am not a "Carbon Fiber Guy". However, I had seen some pictures and reviews of the lip & diffuser by RW Carbon. I contacted Matt at and ran over to pick up my order. His customer service is great and, I was really excited to put these on the SLS. The results were OUTSTANDING! From the finish to the fit. FLAWLESS!"



Drives: 2015 BMW F82 M4 Coupe
May 15th, 2016

"At the 1 year mark I decided to spice up the car a bit more and add some aerodynamic pieces onto my F82 M4. I decided to email Eric at RW Carbon. There were quite a few companies out there both sponsors and otherwise. I picked them and I am glad I did. While I had the f82 side blades all picked out, and after getting to see some pictures of their newest 3D style rear diffuser all I had to do was to pick a front splitter that I liked. Eric gave me some ideas and after over analyzing the situation I made a decision for the Performance Style Front Lip. I'd like to directly thank Eric for dealing with my multiple questions, for shipping so quickly and being an all-around great guy. "



Drives: 2017 BMW F85 X5M
April 6th, 2015

"I've been looking at diffuser options for my F85 X5M, which aren't many. There's one at the time, which costs an arm and a leg so I contacted RW Carbon for their new CF diffuser and they delivered. This is made overseas with very tight quality control, not something you would see on eBay. RW is very particular on their manufacturing partner. The X5M/X6M diffuser by RW Carbon arrived in perfect condition. Every carbon fiber weave lines up, the clear coating is flawless, and the fitment is perfect. Best of all, it's made of 100% carbon fiber."



Drives: 2012 Mercedes W204 C63 AMG Coupe
August 10th, 2015

"I finally received my W204 DTM coupe trunk spoiler from RW Carbon last weekend and I could not be more content with the fitment and quality. There was an issue with the first shipment and unfortunately the package got lost. However, Matt was extremely helpful and cooperative throughout the entire process. Thanks again Matt!"



Drives: 2015 BMW F10 M5
March 21st, 2016

"Installed a new RW Carbon Center Carbon Fiber Front Spoiler and it was super easy. This shouldn't take more than 45min. Simply jack up the car drill some holes on the lip and mount using self-taping screws. I'm super happy with the carbon fiber quality and fitment on this lip."



Drives: 2013 BMW F30 328i
February 29th, 2016

"I made the decision to add some Carbon pieces to my BMW F30 328i and after doing some research for quality and fitment RW Carbon was the place to get it from. I reached out to Eric and pulled the trigger on the carbon fiber varis style front lip, performance style diffuser, and mirror caps. I would recommend them to anyone I was not disappointed."


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